Vampires are at the brink of extinction ruled with a heavy hand by the Hunters, an order of vampire slayers that has existed since the beginning of mankind. The centuries-old law is very clear; a vampire can only feed off criminals whose names are on the lists provided by the Hunters. Any other interaction with humans means punishment and even execution if they are harmed.

But when an unlikely friendship between a human girl and a vampire starts to grow into something much deeper, can these laws be obeyed?

Children of the Night is a Gothic romance set in the Victorian Era, depicting a young woman's coming of age amidst a clash between vampires and the Hunters, an order of vampire slayers.

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Catarina Sarmento
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Catarina is a Portuguese woman living and studying in Finland. She loves drawing, reading, playing videogames, guinea pigs and the long days of Summer. She spends the majority of her days drawing and babbling about her characters and stories.